ZENMED Stretta Stretch Mark Cream Review

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream is produced and marketed by Raging Creations, Ltd. This stretch mark cream is said to be the best stretch mark cream in the market today. This cream not only claims to be able to get rid of the stretch marks, but it helps to make your skin healthy and youthful again and get rid of wrinkles that usually appear on the skin together with the stretch marks. Whether you’re old or young, ZENMED® Stretta® is designed to adequately repair your skin from within and from without. This cream is designed to work on the cellular and molecular level and is also capable of minimizing the ugliest stretch marks even if already exist for a very long time. Stretta helps to remove stretch marks from pregnancy, weight gain or body building whether these are fresh or old, and it works for all skin colors and body areas.

How ZENMED® Stretta® Works

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream works in 3 steps:

Step 1 – it removes the marks with glycolic acid - Glycolic acid peels have been used for years for gentle and safe natural exfoliation for the face. It removes dead cells and allows new fresh cells to grow and replace them and restores the skin’s natural young glow. As glycolic acid works safely and gently for the face’s sensitive skin, you can be sure it will work for your stretch marks.

Step 2 – it repairs your damaged skin with Centillica Asiatica – Centillica Asiatica is a natural extract that promotes the production of collagen to give you firmer and more toned looking skin. The more collagen your skin contains the faster and better it can heal.

Step 3 - ZENMED® Stretta uses natural healing nutrients – The proprietary formula includes Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Witch Hazel which are all known to deeply nourish, heal, and rejuvenate the skin, replacing the damaged skin with fresh, glowing new skin that is youthful and healthy. Essential Oils and Cocoa Butter retrieve moisture and improve the overall effect of the formula, living your skin soft and silky, yet firm and toned.

ZENMED® Stretta® Ingredients

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream has been formulated with the best natural ingredients available. It makes use of essential oils, naturally derived chemical compounds and fruit & vegetable extracts:

Purified Water, Glycolic Acid, Octyl Palmitate, Sunflower Oil (Certified Organic), Vegetable Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Cetyl Alcohol, TEA Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, Cocoa Butter, Allantoin, Aloe Vera Gel, (Certified Organic), Centillica Asiatica, Panthenol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Methyl & Propyl Paraben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Lavender Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream has been on market since 2007 and has been receiving outstanding feedback from both first time users and veteran loyal buyers. Nearly all the users had stretch marks on the abdominal region and have used ZENMED® Stretta® to get rid of the embarrassing problem. Most users mentioned fast results within few weeks, including making the stretch marks disappear. Still, you should take into account that different skin types respond differently so there’s no absolute assurance that this product would work within weeks in all cases. Still, based on my personal experience and my close friends experience I can assure you that ENMED® Stretta® does work while some people see faster results then others. If you keep healthy lifestyle your skin can heal faster and better.

How to Use ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream

Use on your body only as this product is very powerful. Use after bath or shower on dry skin. Apply a small amount onto hand and rub into affected areas twice daily. Results normally appear after 4-6 weeks of consistent use.

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream does not produce any adverse side effects. As it’s an extremely powerful stretch mark removal cream, and as it works initially by peeling the damaged layer, exposure to the sun is not recommended. Therefore, you should not apply the cream on the face or neck, and keep away from your eyes and other sensitive body parts.

Where to Buy ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream?

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream can be ordered online from the  company’s website www.StrettaCream.com. The website contains vital information about stretch marks and about the cream, and allows you to choose out of its attractive order options. Each bottle is a one month supply.

There are 5 purchase options:

» 1 bottle of ZENMED® Stretta® – $49.99

» 2 bottles (10% discount) – $89.95

» 4 bottles (3+1 free, 25% discount)  – $149.97

» 8 bottles (6+2 free, 25% discount + bonus cream worth $39.99) – $299.94

» 12 bottles, one year supply (8+4 free, 33% discount + 2 bonuses worth $64.94) -$399.92

The company is so confident in ZENMED® Stretta® and in its ability to remove stretch marks that it even gives a 60 days money back gaurantee, allowing you to try it risk free.


ZENMED® Stretta® is one of the best stretch mark creams you can find. It is extremely powerful and super-effective, works on all skin colors and all ages, and also meets the problems of wrinkles and prevents stretch marks from appearing in the future. You can only win using ZENMED® Stretta®, definitely a must have stretch mark removal cream!

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