Tattoo over Stretch Marks

You may be waiting in line to checkout and notice someone who is also waiting has a prominent tattoo displayed in a location that causes you to question their judgment. One common thought that comes to mind is, “How will that tattoo look if this person gains a lot of weight?”

When a person commits to having a tattoo, they may or may not imagine how it will look as the years go by and they get older.  A very thin person might never image having weight gain to the extent that the tattoo will be affected.  A tattoo over stretch marks does not appear as attractive as when it was first applied.

Because a tattoo’s conception is to attract attention to a certain area of the body or just to the tattoo itself, it is doubly annoying to have stretch marks under it or in close proximity to it.  The bearer of the tattoo suddenly wants less attention to be made to the area with the stretch marks, but the tattoo draws the eye of the beholder.

It is no wonder that many people who undergo laser surgery on their skin have a tattoo over stretch marks.  Women who have tattoos around or just below their bikini line are prime examples for cosmetic surgery because their significant other is the person who sees the marks the most.

If you or someone close to you is concerned about a tattoo over stretch marks, understand that it isn’t any more complicated to fix this than it is for a person with stretch marks but no tattoo.  The same procedures can be applied to fading the marks, and the results should be just as good.

The other problem people have with tattoos is when they want to place them in an area that already has stretch marks.  This might not be a bad situation if the tattoo can be worked around the marks, but placing a tattoo over stretch marks that are severe or are directly under detailed portions of the artwork is not recommended.

Because a stretch mark is in essence torn skin, an attempt to place dye in that area can produce undesirable results.  The pigment will migrate or bleed into areas of the skin where it was not intended to go, creating a blurred tattoo.  If a person wants to personalize their skin, a tattoo over stretch marks is not the place to do it.

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