Stretch Marks from Bodybuilding

You can be assured that Mr. Universe had some problems with stretch marks from bodybuilding.  These skin discolorations are an unavoidable result from the process of increasing muscle tone and the subsequent expansion of the skin.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to address this issue, starting before any exertion is made to bulk up muscle tissue.  This is best done in two important ways.

Bodybuilding is all about diet and nutrition, and so is the health of your skin.  High protein diets are common with people who are bodybuilding for competition, and most of these address the other important requirements such as vitamins and minerals that aid in rapid growth.

Some diets might be remiss on the vitamins A, C and D that are necessary for the rejuvenation of skin cells.  Zinc is another supplemental addition necessary for healthy skin.  These should be incorporated into a diet weeks before a training program is started.

The second way to address stretch marks from bodybuilding is with topical creams to help the skin gain more elasticity and stretch without leaving marks.  This may not be 100% effective, but it will improve the chances that stretch marks won’t be as severe.

As you know, stretch marks are caused because the skin and collagen beneath it cannot flex exactly from one point to another.  You might envision the skin as a rubber band that is pulled, and it appears to be stretching all the same, but at some point, the band snaps because of a weak area.

Creams are designed to soften the skin and go into the pores to work deeply for adding elasticity and allowing the skin to handle the exertion of the stretching.  They work hand in hand with the proper diet to give the skin the ability to replenish more cells as the surface area increases.

Some people who have developed their muscle base over a longer time-period do not experience many stretch marks from bodybuilding.  Some weight lifters seem to have better skin tone than others because of traits that are inherited.  Not everyone is the same, and there are probably many more that have the problem than there are those who don’t.

Anabolic Steroids used by bodybuilders are know to be dangerous, and have a short and long term effect on the body. They also known to help build muscles fast, and the result may be stretch marks. When you work out, don’t use forbidden drugs, there are many safe supplements such as protein shakes you can use to grow safely over time and avoid stretch marks.

If you desire to build yourself up for whatever reason, try the preventative measures we have discussed, and if you get stretch marks from bodybuilding, use the same methods to fade them.

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