Stretch Mark Cream FAQ

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks are the broken tissues in the epidermis which is the inner skin layer. Those stretch marks normally appear in purple / reddish red line which are new formed stretch marks. If not treated, these become bright and form thin bright scars.

What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur as a result of tears in the deeper layer of the skin. The main reason is rapid gaining in size and weight. These tears involves breaking the collagen and tissue under the surface of the skin.

Who May be Suffering from Stretch Marks?

  1. Women during and after pregnancy.
  2. Body Builders.
  3. People who rapidly gain body size or weigh.

How to Choose the Best Stretch Mark Cream?

The best stretch mark creams have a triple effect, male sure you pick only the best creams, in order to get the best results. The triple effect:

  1. Prevent stretch mark (best for pregnant women/body builders)
  2. Treat reddish/ dark marks which are actually new formed stretch marks.
  3. Treat old stretch mark / scars.

Prevent stretch marks
Choose a creams that improves the elasticity of the skin in order to make the skin stronger and stretch resistant. This prevent tears during pregnancy or building body shape.

Treat dark purple / reddish marks which is new formed stretch marks:
Choose a cream that penetrates the first layer of the skin and absorbed into the deeper layer where the damage occurs and where skin is rebuild. This is essential in order to allow the active ingredients of the cream to penetrate into the inner skin to dissolve stretch mark.

Treat old stretch marks:
The cream should promote fast exfoliation of old skin and rejuvenation. This shall replace the old scar tissue with new healthy skin cells, וuntil the marks are dissolved.

Why Most Stretch Mark Creams do not Work?

Most of the creams in the market act like a regular moisturizer, and can only moisture the external layer of skin. What you need is a cream that penetrates into the inner skin to help to repair and rebuild torn tissues. Only the best strech mark creams are designed to do that.

Do I have Stretch Marks?

Check yourself, the areas where stretch marks usually appear are on the tummy and sometimes extending to the lower back. Other areas are thighs, breasts, arms and basically any area that grew fast, or gained fat. Do you have thin scar looking lines? if so – these are stretch marks. If you are pregnant – 90% chances that you have them, even if you don’t see them now.If you are man, it doesn’t mean you wont have strech marks, they exist in both men and women.

I have Stretch Marks!!! What Should I do?

Take action immediately, choose the best stretch mark cream and start using it without delays. You may also consider other treatments, depending on the skin’s condition, but these may be very expensive and involve side effects (such as in surgery). Consult with your doctor, and choose a treatment that fits you!

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