Stretch Mark Surgery

People who have unsuccessfully tried stretch mark remedies, laser therapy or micro dermabrasion for stretch marks an effective solution, may turn to the surgery option in order to remove their stretch marks. Known as Abdominoplasty, this procedure was originally meant to remove abdominal fat, but today is being used for stretch mark removal.

Stretch Mark Surgery Considerations

Stretch Mark Surgery works in theory, but still there are important things one should consider about any plastic surgery, and specifically – a procedure designed to remove stretch marks.

Plastic surgery is a surgery like any other

Just because the operation is cosmetic in nature and involved the skin and not internal organs doesn’t mean it’s an easy procedure. Many kinds of complications that are associated with complex procedures may occur with plastic surgery as well. That includes infection and even death as a result of incorrect use of anesthesia.

Stretch Mark Surgery is Extremely Expensive

Can you afford it? An average Stretch Mark Surgery is $5000. Even after you pass the procedure you never get a 100% guarantee to get the results you expected. In many cases the surgery fails to bring satisfying results – and may require corrections, and that means more costs, and more risks.

Healing process and pain

Healing process takes time, during that time you should rest at home, meaning you can’t go to work or do your daily routine. You must let the scars time to heal. Pain and discomfort associated with the surgery, can you cope with them? You will also need to take antibiotics and other medications to prevent infection, so take this into account.

It is not part of your health insurance

No medical insurance covers this procedure, therefore you should forget about the option of sponsorship. Some cosmetic procedures are sponsored if they are considered to improve a medical condition, but this is not the case.

Who can Make a Stretch Mark Surgery?

It is mostly done by women after pregnancy, usually more then one, and usually combined with tummy lifting. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pass this procedure, basically anyone can pass it.

Stretch Mark Surgery Alternatives

Thes best alternative is a stretch mark cream. Removing or preventing stretch marks with the best creams, lotions and ointments is very popular. It is not expensive, and is natural and safe.

Stretch Mark Surgery Conclusion

Stretch Mark Surgery is an option for those who have severe stretch marks that are not removed by any other remedy. If you are thinking about doing it remember that a cost-benefit analysis is not the only consideration you should take but you should also think about the risks involved. If you got to the point to understand and accept the considerations, and still see it as your only option looks for an experienced and reputable surgeon. Get feedback from former patients, and make a research about the entire process.  That will mitigate the risks associated with the results of the stretch mark surgery. And last – don’t opt-in for a surgery before you tried the best stretch mark creams!

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