Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch mark removal can be extremely effective using a quality stretch mark cream. Stretch marks are a common skin problem, which causes emotional pain and distress to those that have them. They can be removed with a natural skin care treatment, stretch mark cream, laser treatment or in drastic cases – stretch mark surgery.

Stretch marks are small scars, which affect layers of the skin and are the result of a rapid stretching. That occurs during pregnancy, obesity, puberty growth spurts or any other fast weight and size gain, including bodybuilding.

Stretch marks are actually tears of the skin, the first appears as purple or reddish lines, that shows that the skin was injured (like a bruise). Later on when the skin heals, they fade turn bright in color, similar to an injury in the skin that lives a scar, but more flat and wide.

It is important to take action and treat your skin to prevent stretch marks, and also in order to get rid of them, the soon you take action the better, as new stretch marks are reversible and can be cured (before they become a scar).

The Skin Layers

Before you begin searching for a stretch marks treatment, it’s important to know that the skin has three layers:

  1. The epidermis which is the top layer
  2. The dermis or middle layer
  3. The subcutaneous stratum, which is the inner layer.

The dermis / middle layer determines the skin’s shape. When the skin is stretched during a period of time, it becomes less elastic, and the dermis loses its flexibility causing dermal and epidermal tearing, what is later seen as stretch marks. The good news are that there are stretch mark creams that works extremely well to prevent and treat this.

Stretch Marks Locations

Stretch marks usually appear in the areas where high amounts of fat are stored,  and during pregnancy and maternity – areas that grows. The most common areas are the stomach, upper arms, breasts, underarms, hips, buttocks and the inner and outer thighs.

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

You have  various options for stretch mark removal. If you are serious about getting rid of stretch marks, the best solution is to use an effective stretch mark cream for stretch mark removal or prevention. You can also get the advice of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Medical advice is recommended as some medications you may use, like steroids and hormones, may cause strech marks, so make sure you are honest with your doctor.

There are few skin care surgical methods, such as chemical peels and dermabrasion and also laser therapy which can be used to remove stretch marks. The level of success of your stretch mark removal treatment will be effected by your skin tone, age, and even daily diet. Take into account that medical insurance does not cover stretch mark removal, this is an expensive cosmetic procedure.

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