Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Whatever your age, stretch marks can be a hideous thorn in your side.  People who wait years after they first get them seldom do anything about the problem, and it has an impacting effect on their self-esteem and confidence.  Most people that undergo stretch mark removal surgery are happy with the results and glad they had it done.

If the word “surgery” frightens you, understand that it is not really a dangerous procedure.  The only time that stretch mark removal surgery becomes anything approaching a severe situation is when a tummy tuck or similar procedure is done in conjunction with the laser surgery, and even then, the two procedures are usually performed at separate times.

Before you decide on surgical removal, you should consider the cost you will incur.  This is highly variable based on where the procedure takes place.  One session with a technician costs from $400 to $1500.  It is priced according to how long it takes for the session.

A session is going to run longer for someone who has many marks or problem ones.  Estimates are usually ten minutes to an hour per session, but you should have an evaluation before any stretch mark removal surgery is performed.  A competent professional should be able to give you a general idea of how time consuming your sessions might be.

It is not always a one shot deal with stretch marks, and you might have to go under the laser two to six times to receive correction for all of yours.  This all relates to the severity of the problem, and how many different areas of the body you want treated.  As you can see, this procedure can become very expensive if you have a great many scars.

One particular thing that adds to cost and the quality of the results is the time factor.  New stretch marks should appear pinkish and, as they age, become darker and then silvery colored.

Old marks are much harder to fade and the laser has to concentrate on them longer.  If this kind of surgery is right for you, decide to do it early rather than late.

Do not take this kind of treatment to your body lightly.  Discuss the procedure with your personal physician to get his or her opinion first.  An honest appraisal might give you second thoughts, or it might fortify what you already want to do.  Doctors are split somewhat on their views about laser surgery.

If your doctor feels that you are a good candidate for stretch mark removal surgery, he or she will probably give the names of qualified doctors to contact for discussion of the matter.  Any major decision in your life that concerns your body should be a topic of conversation with your trusted physician.

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