Stretch Mark Cover Up

Dressing strategically is the first way to attempt to cover up stretch marks.  Depending on the location of yours, it might be possible to keep most people from knowing you have them just by wearing clothes that are less revealing.

A woman has four primary areas that stretch marks are concentrated, and these are the hips, buttocks, breasts, and stomach.  In an everyday work environment, it is probably easy to dress so no one will see the marks, but a stretch mark cover up becomes more difficult when it is time to wear a swimsuit.

Unless you wear a swimsuit from the 1920′s, it is doubtful that you will find one that can effectively hide all the stretch marks.  Boy-legged suits might be able to cover the lower stretch marks, but unless you have a one-piece suit with boy legs, you aren’t going to cover up stretch marks, and there’s also the issue of style to consider.

If you have an attractive body otherwise, you don’t want to dress like a prude and even look foolish because of an outfit that people would consider strange.  The only alternative you have is a stretch mark cover up that will stay on your skin and blend with your skin color.

No doubt, you are using some means to fade your stretch marks, but you need some way to perform a stretch mark cover up until they are no longer visible.  The best way to do this is with specialized makeup that is waterproof.  Spray tans are one way to effectively diminish the most obvious marks.

Most authorities on the subject of stretch mark cover up believe that a good foundation is the best route because it will stay on longer than spray tans.  Stage makeup in skin tones is designed to last for longer periods due to the heat from the lights and it makes a good base.

Lighter stretch marks that are new are the easiest to cover.  Darker marks are best covered by applying a lighter under-toning before putting a foundation on the top.

If you just want to sit by the pool and never swim, a stretch mark cover up with makeup will work fairly well, but you will be limited in how much activity you will be able to do.

No matter what kind of waterproof cover up you have, sweating will eventually cause it to come off, and your best course of action is to keep working to fade the marks.

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