Nutrition and Stretch Marks

Both men and women have problems with stretch marks.  If you are female, you might attribute stretch marks to pregnancy and have the impression that men do not have to worry about them.  Some stretch marks are caused by a rapid increase in weight, causing skin and tissue to stretch with less elasticity, producing discolored areas.

Men who are into bodybuilding often increase their muscles enough to cause stretching and the resultant marks.  Along with cosmetic efforts to disguise them, you should understand that there is also a relationship of nutrition and stretch marks.

It is understandable why some people are impatient about ridding themselves of ugly body marks and have a strong desire to go to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a fix, but other more natural treatments should be considered to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks and treating already existing ones.

Our diet has a lot to do with how much of a problem we have with stretch marks.  You may notice some people who have gone through some rapid and large physical changes, but they did not seem to have any stretch marks after the process.  Heredity has some bearing on how well our skin and tissue will handle expansion, but how and what we eat is an important consideration, too.

Elasticity of the skin is dependent upon the vitamins A, C, and D.  Foods high in zinc and protein are also contributors to better quality of our upper and lower epidermal.  If you have skin problems of dryness and scaling, you may need to adjust your diet whether you are going through a sudden change in size or not.

Remember, the best nutrition for stretch marks should be started prior to an event that is known to contribute to their occurrence.  You can still treat stretch marks after they occur, but proper planning before you have to be concerned with them is best.

Most people do not drink enough water, and as you might guess, water is a part of the best nutrition for stretch marks.  Pure natural water is one of the best things you can put in your body and it has no side effects.  Drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day is a good way to provide for healthy skin.

What you don’t consume is as important as what you do.  Refrain from coffee, sodas, and alcoholic drinks.  These counteract the benefits you receive from plain water.

Your body is a melting pot of all the things you put into it.  If you care for it and watch what you consume, you will see that nutrition and stretch marks do have bearing on one other.  Planning a proper diet will help you in many ways, and the reduction of stretch marks is a very important one.

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