Men’s Stretch Marks

Why do people always associate stretch marks with women and childbirth?  There are many different causes attributed to stretch marks, and men’s stretch marks are just as unsightly as women’s.  Are stretch marks in men as important to them as they are to women?  In most cases, the answer is yes.

Because these unsightly body distractions occur during rapid expansion of the body, most thoughts are about pregnancy and how quickly a woman’s figure changes.

There are other times and reasons for this situation.  A young man may reach his late teens undersized and thin, only to have a growth spurt that reconfigures his body.

In a case of that nature, he can develop marks in many areas of his body all at once.  This can really be embarrassing when he goes swimming or competes in sports.  A young man’s self-confidence is questioned and depression can set in.

It is not always necessarily a young man, either. Men’s stretch marks can occur because of ravenous eating habits.  People in general go through times in their lives when they eat more than they should and gain weight, and this can lead to stretch marks in men who later become more concerned with their health and the way they look.

Bodybuilders are a faction of the male population that have the problem of men’s stretch marks.  If a man decides to bulk up, it is common to take supplements for weight gain, and this, coupled with a great deal of exercise and weight lifting, creates stretch marks in men in the areas where the muscles expand rapidly.

If a man is planning to appear in a weight lifting competition, unsightly scars on the body will detract from scores and cost him more than just embarrassment.

There are many ways that men can experience the same unflattering stretch marks that women complain about.  Wanting to look good is not a desire of just one gender; everyone prefers good looks to the alternative.

Every person’s situation is different, and based on the severity of the marks, treatments might range from topical creams that slowly fade the problem spots to laser surgery that returns faster results at a higher cost.  Whatever direction the patient takes, he or she should begin doing something as soon as the problem is detected.

Women might be the most prolific in discussions about the matter, but stretch marks in men can be just as unsightly and troublesome.  If you suffer from men’s stretch marks, develop a plan of attack and stick with it.

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