Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Some women start applying stretch mark creams as soon as they know they are pregnant to smooth and add elasticity to their skin in an attempt to ward off these unsightly scars.  While this might be helpful for preventing and  and moisturizing for the skin, it doesn’t always stop the marks from occurring, especially in cases of using simple creams instead of the best stretch mark creams.

Stretch marks are a byproduct of rapid change in the skin and the collagen below it.  Topical treatments might have some desired effects on the epidermal during the stretching, but may not stop the process.  This is why more and more women are turning to laser treatment for stretch marks.

A young woman who gives birth is anxious to get back to the way she looked before her pregnancy.  The time after the delivery is very important because a woman quickly loses self-esteem due to the unattractive way she sees herself.  Even if she is able to lose the baby fat rather quickly by implementing a good exercise program, the marks will still show.

Laser treatment for stretch marks is quick and painless.  It is highly successful and a non-invasive procedure.  There are no incisions of the skin, so the danger of infection is not an issue.

How does this process work?

Because the collagen is damaged or stretched thin, the laser stimulates new collagen growth from beneath at the dermal layer.  Collagen production begins from below and fills in the voids and weak places as it works its way to the top.

If you consider laser surgery for stretch marks, it should be done as early as possible after the body has returned to its normal size.  Waiting for months can make it more difficult to stimulate the collagen and the effectiveness of the procedure can suffer.  There are no guarantees that all marks will completely fade with laser stretch mark removal.

If you wonder about the safety of this treatment, rest assured laser stretch mark removal has been performed successfully many times by competent professionals.  The important thing is to be sure that you are going to a certified person for this work as opposed to an unqualified individual.

Laser stretch mark removal is an expensive process.  It is highly unlikely that your insurance will pay anything for this work, but you might check to be sure.  Before you commit to any procedure, be very clear on how much you are expected to pay.

Not all medical professionals agree on the value of laser surgery for stretch marks.  Before you do this or any other important medical procedure, check with your family doctor to get advice and direction.  If a cream can be used instead of surgery, consider that first.

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