How to Hide Stretch Marks

Often we associate stretch marks with old people who are very out of shape, but the truth is that almost everyone gets stretch marks, and plenty of young shapely people have them.  It is more embarrassing for a young cheerleader to have stretch marks than it is for a young mother, but they get them just the same.

Girls as young as fourteen complain about stretch marks due to the fact that they mature enough to fill in and out rapidly, causing the skin to stretch too quickly.  In a cheer outfit, some of the stretch marks may be hidden according to the design, but any on the upper legs are sure to be seen.

Hiding stretch marks is difficult when wearing a swimsuit, and it is unnatural for young ladies to go through the summer months without wearing swimsuits.  Men don’t think about the situation of how to hide stretch marks as much as women do because they typically don’t have as many.

Fake tanner is one way that you can hide stretch marks, but you must take time and expense to find the one that works best with your skin tone.  When you find the color that is best for you, don’t actually get a tan because the stretch marks don’t tan and they will stand out even more.

Another way of hiding stretch marks is by mixing bronzing powder with cocoa butter.  Again, you have to be somewhat of an artist to get the color right.  There are also products called “concealers” that can cover the less prominent marks.

Another thing to consider is toning the body with exercise and proper nutrition.  If you exercise and keep the skin in shape, the marks won’t show as much and the skin will be healthier to keep more stretch marks from appearing.

You should pick a concealer that closely matches your natural skin tone.  Don’t attempt to get something a little darker in anticipation of getting a tan.  It will look fake and only draw more attention to the problem you want people to overlook.

Use waterproof products because sweat and swimming will reveal what you want to hide.  Brush the concealer only on the stretch mark.  The secret of how to hide stretch marks is to only cover the marks and blend them with the other skin.  If you apply makeup to all the skin, it will look unnatural.

Hiding stretch marks is something you have to work to accomplish each time you wear something revealing.

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