Do Stretch Mark Creams Work?

The main questions that you may ask are

- can a stretch mark cream help me?

- do stretch mark creams work?

- what will work best for me?

These are good questions, and you should know that you can take action and choose a cream that works.

Stretch marks are a cosmetic problem. They are ugly, and make you look old and unattractive. No women in the world can feel comfortable sitting on the beach with a bikini if she has stretch marks, or even wearing certain clothes.

Stretch marks are ‘s just like any other skin problem: wrinkles, spots, sun damages etc. Unlike other skin damages that appears due to external causes (sun exposure) or age,  stretch marks derive from internal causes – body growth. As the body grows, from any reason, and when the growth is too fast for the skin to adjust, stretch marks shall occur unless you will help the skin to adjust (or if you are 1 out of 10 women who’s heredity is so good that you will not have them). Even if you never handled or treated your stretch marks you can get rid of them. People all around the world remove wrinkles and skin damages from their faces, so why other body parts which are less sensitive should be different?

Stretch mark creams exist for a reason – to prevent and remove stretch marks, but unfortunately most of them do not work.

Why most stretch mark creams don’t work?

It’s all about the ingredients. Many companies design products that includes simple ingredients that you can find in common skin creams. These ingredient do not penetrate the inner skin layers, and are not powerful enough to make a difference. Some of the ingredients are not safe, and some are artificial and synthetic. The ingredients matter the most! – so it’s better that you check what’s written in the small letters – choose only the best cream that is proven to work.

Which stretch mark creams work?

The best stretch marks creams are those that contains effective ingredients. It’s important that every person has different heredity and skin, so what can work for one person may not work for the other. If you have tried a cream and it didn’t work for you the biggest mistake is to give up. Simply try another cream, as you may have chosen a product that is not effective in general or is not effective for you specifically.

Still skeptical? the best stretch mark removal cream is not only for new fresh stretch marks. the best cream works also on old scars. Of course, there are levels of stretch marks, and if the skin is extremely damaged only a surgery or related medical treatment can remove them, but in any case – it will improve the skin’s condition.

5 Tips on how to prevent and remove stretch marks

1. Start using the best stretch mark cream BEFORE pregnancy, it will improve the skin’s strength and help preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

2. Use only the best stretch mark creams. Don’t get cheap, but use common sense, read and learn what works best. If the cream is expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean it also works. If it’s too cheap don’t get it as it may contain cheap ingredients.

3. Use according to the instructions, don’t skip applications and don’t neglect your skin.

4. Keep a healthy lifestyle, that includes balances, diet, exercising, and avoiding bad habits.

5. Be consistent – you have to use the cream daily for months. Only those who fight back defeat the problem.

Stretch mark creams that work

There is no miracle formula, not magic remedies, just active ingredients that work or don’t work. You can get rid of your stretch marks, just make sure you choose a product that works and get free of stretch marks for good!

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