Derma Roller for Stretch Marks

One of the most effective treatments that is gaining a lot of media attention is the Derma Roller for stretch marks.

First, what causes stretch marks?  Stretch marks, scientifically referred as “striae,” are caused when a person’s skin is stretched quickly, which is in actuality the “tearing” of the skin which results in unsightly stretch marks.

Most people think stretch marks only occur in women, but men get them, too.  They are not dangerous or unhealthy in any way; they just don’t look good.  Pregnant women are prone to stretch marks as are dieters, body builders, and anyone else who undergoes rapid changes in their size.

What the skin needs to avoid stretch marks in the first place is more collagen.  The Derma Roller for stretch marks is a hand held device that is used to stimulate the top skin layer and increase elastin and collagen in your skin.  The increased collagen production helps prevent or reverse the formation of the stretch marks.

There are different ways of trying to remove stretch marks, and some are more effective than others are and vary in cost.  Treatments vary from affordable creams and lotions to more expensive methods such as laser surgery.

The body’s natural defenses need a bit of help in order to improve the look and condition of the skin.  A combined method of treatment typically provides the best results.  Oils and creams promote the healing of the skin and provide necessary moisture, vitamins, and minerals.  The Derma Roller for stretch marks used in combination with beneficial creams and oils stimulates the production of collagen and overall healthy looking skin.

Many people attempt to use the skin oils and creams by themselves, but the results obtained will not be as good as the results when used with the Derma Roller for stretch marks.  This is because the Derma Roller device breaks up the outer skin layer allowing deeper penetration of the oils and creams, which produces much better results.

Using the Derma Roller for stretch marks along with creams, lotions, and/or oils designed for this purpose is not only the best method for preventing and removing stretch marks, it is an affordable treatment that most everyone can afford.

Laser surgery is expensive and most insurance providers are not going to cover the cost.  The Derma Roller can be purchased along with affordable stretch mark creams and the process of removing stretch marks can be done in the privacy of your own home without spending a fortune.

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