Decleor Stretch Mark Cream Review

Best Stretch Mark CreamDecleor Stretch Mark Cream known as “Decleor Perfect Sculpt Stretch Mark Restructuring Gel-Cream” is a stretch mark gel produced by Decleor Paris. This gel has been designed to solve the stretch mark problem and tighten the skin bring back its natural form. Decleor-Paris has introduced a deeply hydrating solution that combines the power of aromatic essential oils and natural botanical ingredients. Decleor is not only a stretch mark cream but also a skin sculptor that is supposed to uplift sagging skin, a common problem that may come together with the stretch marks problem.

How Decleor Stretch Mark Cream Works

This rich, non-oily gel-cream combines the firming effectiveness of a unique cocktail of 8 Essential Oils and the Phyto-Firm Complex. By stimulating the skin’s natural vitality, this ultra-complete treatment:

  • Helps to combat the main causes and consequences of the loss of body firmness and helps visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks (Immortelle, Rose, Camomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils and Shitake and Bio-Active Shea Extract).
  • Hydrates and nourishes (Imperata Cylindrica Extract and Tamanu and Macadamia Plant Oils).
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of new blemishes (Cucurbita Pepo Extract).


Immortelle, Rose, Camomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Myrrh, Essential Oils and Shitake and Bio-Active She, Extract, Imperata Cylindrica Extract and Tamanu and Macadamia Plant Oils, Cucurbita Pepo Extract. It also contains preservatives.

The product does not contain mineral oils and is colorant-free, fragrance free, and it also Gynaecologically tested .

Decleor Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

Decleor Stretch Mark Cream is getting good reviews from satisfied customers worldwide, especially in Europe where is most popular. This cream is effective for all ages and also for women regardless of pregnancy.

Decleor Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

Decleor Stretch Mark Cream does not cause any harmful side effects. Minor allergies may occur rarely in some users mainly because of the emulsifiers and preservatives used. The product contains parabens which have been in use for years as preservatives, to prevent the gel from being rancid or too acidic for use. Today, many people are avoiding products that contain parabens because of claims that this chemical may change certain properties of the skin in the long run. In addition, parabens have been linked to certain forms of cancer, but still non of these claims have been clinically proven. Most creams contain 5% concentration of parabens, which is considered low and not harmful, but some contain more then that. The problem you can never know the exact concentration.

Where to Buy Decleor Stretch Mark Cream

Decleor Stretch Mark Cream can be purchased from many on-line shops. Each tube of the gel contains 5 oz and its cost is $67 (in some shops it costs more then $100). That’s expensive, because the product is luxurious and made in France.

Decleor Stretch Mark Gel Cream Conclusion

A good, yet expensive product. If you are worried about parabens, don’t use it, but note that there haven’t been any reports of harmful effect using this cream. Decleor stretch mark cream definitely does the job. What I found to be very useful is that for about $100 you can get a Decleor¬†Home SPA Set: 1x Firming Stretch Mark Cream 150ml,1x Exfoliant Body Gel 200ml,1x Firming Body Concentrate 15ml,1x Aromessence Tonilastil Balm 15ml.¬† If you buy each item alone, your overall cost will be more then $200, so you save over 50% and it can be a great gift to your loved one.

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