Celebrity Stretch Marks

Most of us care about our looks and want to appear our best.  Young mothers are concerned with getting back into shape and hiding those unsightly stretch marks until they can find a way to make them disappear.

If the average person is concerned with these problems, how do you think famous people feel about their celebrity stretch marks?  Celebrity moms with stretch marks constantly worry about how attractive they are.

All of us have a desire to be beautiful all our lives and make an impression on friends and associates.

When you interview for a job, you probably wonder what the other applicants look like.  This is because there is a voice telling you that the person hiring is going to select the most attractive person for the position, no matter how great their job qualifications.

If you have ever thought of an interview in that way, imagine how actors must feel.  They seek higher paying work than most people in the workforce, but they are competing in a market that remembers them more for how good they looked at a movie premiere than their ability and talent for acting.

Male celebrities are no different in this respect from their female counterparts.  If a man has a reputation as an action hero, gaining a lot of weight or putting on those celebrity stretch marks can remove his name from contention for upcoming films featuring scenes that reveal rippling muscles.

If you notice the rag mags at the grocery counter, you will see scantily clad women on the covers, with captions of either how good or how bad they look.  These publications are bought by the masses, and they obviously have some effect on how the public views the famous people portrayed in them.

Some years ago when Demi Moore was pregnant, she had a pictorial made shortly before she gave birth.  This was a daring move on her part because it could have affected her career in a negative way.  However, if she is a celebrity mom with stretch marks now, you wouldn’t know it.

What if she hadn’t worked to improve herself after the baby was born?  It’s unlikely that her career would have climbed if she had made another pictorial on celebrity stretch marks.

Fashion model and celebrity Brooke Burke didn’t shy away from the camera during her pregnancy, but she did work very hard to exercise and control weight gain as well as stick to a healthy diet and use stretch mark removal creams.  Women envy her good looks because she put forth such an effort.

Celebrity stretch marks can lead to lower fan appreciation, especially among the younger stars who everyone assumes will stay young forever.

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