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Palmers Stretch Marck Cream Review

Cocoa Butter is mentioned many times together with stretch marks, and also when it relates to skin creams in general. The reason is mainly historical as for many years, lots of women have trusted and relied on cocoa butter for the health of their skin. Mother had passed the knowledge to daughter, and Cocoa Butter [...]

ZENMED Stretta Stretch Mark Cream Review

ZENMED® Stretta® Stretch Mark Cream is produced and marketed by Raging Creations, Ltd. This stretch mark cream is said to be the best stretch mark cream in the market today. This cream not only claims to be able to get rid of the stretch marks, but it helps to make your skin healthy and youthful [...]

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream Review

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream is a new product that is designed to remove the unsightly stretch marks from any place in your body. This cream is supposed to help you fight fresh stretch marks from pregnancy as well as old stretch marks. Basically, it doesn’t matter how old the stretch marks are, when you choose [...]

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