Stretch Mark Cream

Which stretch mark cream is the best? which will work on you? These are very difficult questions to answer. Many people are looking for shortcuts, think that simple creams or even home remedies can help so they buy alternatives such as cocoa butter or body lotion, use it for a while and then get frustrated because the stretch marks are not fading.

If you are thinking of getting cocoa butter and use it as your treatment think again, it is only one of the essential ingredient your body needs. The trouble with most creams is that they do not penetrate deep into the skin layers and only absorbed on the surface.

Usually, some trail and error is required to test and find the best stretch mark cream. When selecting your cream keep in mind these factors that will increase your chances of being successful in your research:

  1. There are key ingredients that are required for a stretch mark cream to be effective, including: Collagen, elastin, emu oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, liposomes and glycolic acid. These ingredients are vital for your skin’s health as they work by repairing and regenerating skin cells growth that will improve its appearance.
  2. These compounds should have the ability to penetrate the skin layers and work where the damage is and not just stay on the surface.
  3. The higher levels of these key ingredients exist in the cream, the better result you should get.

Most over the counter stretch mark creams will only contain part of the above key components and include other ingredients that contribute to silky skin or great smell, which is fine but not helping against stretch marks, so try to find the cream that contain the key elements.

Another thing you should watch out for are creams with a high water content.  The more water in the cream – the less concentration of active ingredients.

Once you have a list of products – narrow it to few based on the quality, stay only with the best stretch mark creams. Review their websites, read the users testimonials, learn about the research and design of the creams. Are the manufacturers confident enough and believe in there product to offer money back guarantees? if so, it’s a good sign.

Money back guarantee means that the manufacturer is confident its product will work, and that you will be satisfied with the product. It also means that you have nothing to lose as you claim a refund for any reason.

You may make some mistakes and pick good products that simply don’t work for you, this is part of the trial and error, so  don’t get too disappointed if the stretch mark cream you picked did not work as you expected. Try a different cream.

In order to assist you, I have reviewed the best stretch mark creams and narrowed them to the top 3. This will save you the trial and error process and make it easier deciding on how to best tackle your stretch mark treatment.

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