Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Review

Best Stretch Mark CreamBarmon Stretch Mark Cream is a well known anti-stretch mark cream produced by Barmon Inc. which is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Barmon is a veteran product, and is sold worldwide for more than 30 years. During the years its formula has been evolved  to include more absorbable base that allows a deeper, better penetration to the skin’s various layers.

How Does Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream works by delivering large amounts of tocopherol (vitamin E) into the skin. Vitamin E helps to produce significantly positive effects on both cellular level and the macro-molecular level. This anti-oxidant protects the cell’s membranes and helps to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin, it also help to make the skin clearer and more vibrant. Vitamin E helps to stimulate the natural production of in the skin.

Barmon cream contains cocoa butter; a popular and effective ingredient in many skin creams. It’s main role is to moisturize the skin thus protect it for dryness damages and help it repair itself.  Cocoa butter is a good hypoallergenic thus totally safe, and has not been known to cause any side effects.

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

This product is sold successfully for 30 years so there are many customer reviews and market feedback. Barmon Stretch Mark Cream user reviews reveal an efficient skin cream that works on all skin types and ages, and all kinds of stretch marks, including old ones. Users also presented before and after pictures that looks impressive as they show dramatic improvement.

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

Barmon Inc., has declared that their stretch mark cream is safe to use even during pregnancy and that its product is fine to use even if you’re naturally breastfeeding your child. Still, consult with a doctor to make sure that you’re doing the right thing by using this product for your stretch marks.

It should be noted that Barmon cream contains parabens (preservative / stabilizer), an ingredient that have been linked to cancer in a study recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As the Barmon website does not indicate how much parabens is included in the product, it’s still impossible to state whether this product is completely safe. The cream  also contains Dimethicone, a common barrier ingredient.

Where to Buy Barmon Stretch Mark Cream?

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream can be ordered online from the official website. One 4 oz tube costs $29.95 but for order of more then one tube the price declines to only $19.95 per tube. Orders at the amount of more then $30 are shipped for free. This is one of the most affordable bargains in the market.

The company is offering an unconditional money-back guarantee for up to 3 tubes, it wants you to be very comfortable when you try its product for the first time. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, simply return the used cream tubes for a full refund.


Barmon Stretch Mark Cream is an affordable product, that comes with a money back gaurantee that is not limited in time. This brand is on market for the last 30 years, and is used by women and also men in all ages. Barmon also sells another product – Vitamin K for spider veins and scars that can be a good complementary product for the stretch mark cream. It is not the most advanced product in the market, but it can do a pretty good job.

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