ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Cream Review

Stretch Mark CreamAvon’s ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother, from Avon Products, Inc. a skin care company, is a popular product designed for women who are suffering from stretch marks.  Avon Products, Inc. is aware of the fact that 9 out of 10 women have  stretch marks and that you would like to be the 1 of 10 that do not have them regardless of the age of the stretch marks or their color. Old stretch marks are visible discolored scar tissue caused by stretching and a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Moisturizers, vitamin E, aloe or cocoa butter alone can’t fade stretch marks. According to Avon, its new revolutionary treatment, with patented technology, can.

How Does ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother Work?

Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother works by utilizing the potent forces of its natural botanical ingredients together with its patented TriLaser technology claimed to promote the skin’s tone, color and form. This cream features an extract made of butea monosperma, which contributes to the skin’s health and firmness.


Apply on clean, dry skin and allow the cream to be absorbed before putting on your clothes. Apply AM and PM to stretch mark areas. For use on thighs, hips, arms and buttocks.

ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother User Reviews

According to Evon:

After 2 weeks: 75% of women showed a visible improvement in length & depths of their oldest stretch marks.

Afetr 4 weeks: 86% of women showed an improvement in the skin tone of their stretch marks.

after 8 weeks: 91% of women showed an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

According to what looks like objective customers reviews:

82% of users were satisfied with the results for all kinds of stretch marks. User reviews can be found in Avon’s official site.

ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother Side Effects

Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother does not cause any adverse or harmful side effects when applied on the skin. You should still take into account that you may be allergic to its ingredients and test a small portion on your skin. Also, watch out for any changes in your skin during usage, if you notice any allergic reactions stop using it and consult with your doctor.

Where to Buy ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother?

Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother may be purchased directly from the official site or on Each 5 fl. oz. tube of Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Stretch Mark Smoother costs $25 in the official site and only $18 on Click here to order now!


In terms of cost and customers reviews that looks like a good bargain. Still what I find a bit disturbing is the fact that I could not find the list of ingredients anywhere online, and that the only reviews I found came from Avon’s website. Assuming the reviews are honest, this product worth trying.

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